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Since 2006, focused on trade and worldwide import/export of raw materials for the industry, especially for Tyre production, Adhesives and Rubber Industry. Accumulated knowledge and experience in the chemical industry have allowed us to establish reliable supply chains and timely logistics to the customers.

The main product line includes rubber accelerators, rubber antioxidants, vulcanizing agents, anti-scorching agents, RF resins, adhesion activators, synthetic and natural rubber, fillers, plasticizers and a full range of rubber chemicals.

Rubber Industry

The rubber technicians and account managers of Crossland Chemicals are dedicated to the client's needs. Our goal is to find the perfect solution to challenges ranging from product and processing issues to shipping and packaging requests.


Our technical specialists have years of industry experience and will always keep you ahead of the curve on new product innovations, upcoming market trends and the latest industry-wide developments.

Warehouse Facilities

The warehouse facilities in Vladivostok, St. Petersburg and Moscow allow us to provide timely deliveries all over Russia.

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We are more than just a distributor - we are constantly scanning the market to identify the latest market trends within our core sectors. Find out more about our products, key application areas and our latest business updates.

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